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Undelete in Norton Utilities

Back in the good old days (2002), Norton Utilities contained a wonderful tool which I still use on a Windows XP system. It was called Norton Protect, and it worked by intercepting Windows' Recycle Bin. Files which were deleted -- even with Shift-Delete or from the command line -- were kept in a safe place. From time to time, the user could empty the Norton Protect folder, to create extra space on the drive. I don't know when this was dropped, but it was -- and still is -- a valuable product.


Yes, there are excellent undelete tools like Recuva, but they work on the basis of crossing your fingers behind your back and hoping you get there in time.


The logical place to put this tool would be back in Norton Utilities, and perhaps an extra with Norton 360.

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HI BruceFraser, this is a forum for Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security and N360. However, I will forward your feedback to our Norton Utilities team. Thanks, Dora