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  I would like to help a friend with a PC problem, but it's too far to drive and talking him through it on the telephone isn't working out.  Does anyone have any experience with TeamViewer?  Is it as safe, easy to use and secure as the website states?  Would Windows XP be able to talk with Windows Vista?  When you end the connection, is there any threads left over?  Just asking before I take a big leap..

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Re: Teamviewer

I don't know Teamviewer but I know a number of people who use LogMeIn which does have a free version last time I got it myself.


Or CNET has it:

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Re: Teamviewer

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Hello PC_confused.


I have used TeamViewer on a number of occasions and have been pleased with the results.


Teamviewer is very secure as it uses 'secure data channels with key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding, the same security standard used by https/SSL.'


At the beginning of each session, the remote party will have to tell you the unique pass code that has been generated on their machine for that session in order to establish a connection.  This can be done via phone or IM.  If either party closes the application or restarts their machine, the session and the connection are immediately terminated. A new pass code will be generated for the next session.


I have the full version installed and the remote party only needs to download and run the TeamViewer QuickSupport application which does not install anything.  Although I have not tried this method, I understand that both computers can use just the QuickSupport application. (no installation)


And yes, you can remote in across different operating systems.


I can recommend this as very reliable and safe method of assisting someone remotely.

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Re: Teamviewer

Thank you for that very detailed recommendation. 

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Re: Teamviewer

Hello PC-Confused.


I use Teamviewer with my son. He has the full version and runs win 7. I have the quick start version and use xp pro sp3. So it definitely works cross different versions.  It is secure and any temp files left in the temp folder can easily be deleted. They do come up with updated versions which can easily be updated also. LogMeIn seems to leave left overs which can be difficult to find and delete them according to one thread in the regular forum.

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