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Re: NMU Beta Feedback- Tablet and Mobile devices.

erik_carlstrom wrote:

Apologies for the lateness in reply, but was away for the holidays.  Here's what I've been able to get for you:


Storage is listed in 2 charts and not 3.  One is for Internal Storage and the other is the internal and external SD card.  The total data size will be the sum of these two.  


Clarification on Undefined Mode.  This is not a mode for you to set in Battery Profile.  If you change settings via System Settings (outside the Battery Profile), then you will see Undefined Mode.  Changing settings while within the Battery Profile will avoid seeing "Undefined Mode."  


Hopefully this clarifies things.


Hi Erik


And as for the SGS2 storage i see what you mean about internal ( being what Samsung

call the USB Storage) and external SD card being combined as a total amount and the

device memory being Internal Storage.


My guess is this was a fix made in the last update as it did not show the last time i used



I understand it might not be possible to split the storage information  into 3 sections but it

would be handy rather than combining two together. :-)


Otherwise all is good with correct amounts shown.


Cheers :smileywink: