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Re: How to remove virus QVO6

Qov6 updates with qvo6 web site information in 3/4 places for each browser. 1. Shortcut 2. Homepage. 3. Search Engine provider. 4. Addons/Extensions


1. To remove the site address in the short cuts. Right click all the shortcuts of browsers, remove the content after the browser address that starts with http://www.qov6.... or you can update with some reliable site by taking out qov6 and include some reliable site like google, yahoo, msn.


2. To update home page

   For IE: Tools=>Internet options=>General Tab. Take out qov6 and include use:blank or any other web site address

   For Chrome: Click the right corner (Customize and Control Google Chrome) icon=>Settings. Modify below 2 sections

   On Startup section=> Open a specific set of pages=>remove qov6 page

   Appearance Section=>Show home button=>verify if qov6 is included. If included remove

   For FireFox: Tools=>Options=>Home page=> Change the home page


3. Search Engine provider:

    For IE: Tools=>Manage Add-ons=>Search providers=>remove qov6

    For Chrome: cSettings. In Search section=>Click on Manage Search Engines=>Click the x mark opposite to qov6 to remove.

  For FireFox: Select the downarrow opposite to the search bar. Remove qov6


4. Add-ons/Extens

  For IE: Tools=>Manage Add-ons=>Toolbars and Extens=>Show All Add=ons=>Remove/disable if qov6 is included.

  For Chrome: Click the right corner (Customize and Control Google Chrome) icon=>Settings=>Extensions=>Remove if qov6 is included.

  For FireFox: Tools=>Options=>General Tab=>Manage Add-ons=>Remove if qov6 included.


Hope this helps!!!