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Re: Malware Removal Forum

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We asked several times for a separate forum, but were denied, partly due to liability questions, partly to do with the fact that Symantec charges for malware removal, and partly because an entire forum should not rely on one individual.  


Hi everyone, and thanks for all the great feedback.


Here's my main concern.  If a user is already paying $99 US online for a one-year subscription for N360 Premier and their system becomes infected with malware, why should they be charged an additional fee for having that malware removed from their system or be re-directed to another forum for help?

I don't see why Symantec couldn't assign a few of their own malware removal experts to help out Quads and a few other pre-approved volunteers in a separate Malware Removal forum.  I've posted in the WhatTheTech Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal forum (who still request a HijackThis log) and the malware expert assigned to work with me one-on one was the only other person allowed to post in my thread.  Symantec could also restrict use of the forum by requiring users to validate their subscription with their product activation key (along with that ubiquitous "I Accept" button to accept the Terms & Conditions) before they started a new thread.


Either that, or Symantec needs to open a PayPal account and start rewarding the volunteer malware experts who do their tech support for them.:smileyvery-happy:


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I go to the doctor when I don't feel good. He determines that I have cancer. He refers me to a specialist.

I go to the dentist with a tooth ache. He determines that I need a root canal and refers me to a specialist

I go to the Norton Community with a problem. They determine that I have a malware problem and refer me to a specialist.

Is there a logical pattern here?

As for opening a new forum to deal with the malware problem I'm hard pressed to justify the time, talent and budget necessary for an undefined benefit, if any. I'm still a strong supporter of the concept of 'we do our best to support our product and we recommend those who are best at supporting their product(s)'.

Yes, other problems are being solved by one and all but they are done as a courtesy and not a part of the 'official' support provided by the community here. If your fly is unzipped I wouldn't send you to a tailor to get it fixed. If it can't be fixed I would not attempt to try.

I am still waiting for a show stopping arguement that will convince me that Norton Community Forums needs to be the be all and end all of the places a user can come to get help with any problem. I will support and strive to be a part of the Norton Community that is the only place where Norton product users come to get the very best support for their product. That to me is a big enough job that I'm not ready to consider taking on more.

As for the pay part I won't comment here

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