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Hi Peggy,


peggylenox wrote:

Hi:  No, it doesn't freeze often.  In fact about the only time it does is when I use iTunes.  If I try to sync my iPhone 4s, it immediately freezes.  Apple doesn't seem to have an answer other than it isn't compatible with XP.  Not acceptable!  But this morning, I had several things open -- I usually do -- and when I tried to open "Freekibble", it stuck. But, happily, the icon is back, at least for now.  Re Firefox, I have it on my computer, but I'm so used to OE after so many years, I'm reluctant to try it.  I put it on my husband's computer because it is Win7 and it seems to me to not be as user friendly as OE, at least to me.  If the icon disappears again, you'll be the first to know!!  peggy

Although I cannot make any comment regarding the compatibility of your iPhone 4 whilst using XP, it is not unusual to experience momentary freezes during syncing. Your computer is likely exchanging a lot of data with your iPhone during a syncing session and depending on the storage capacity of your iPhone this could be many gigabytes!


If you do suffer the occasional freeze when using iTunes and this bothers you, try closing some of the programs you're no longer using. You'll find that not only will it free up those system recourse but also reduce the likelihood of freezing.


One thing that I encounter quite often when asked to look at my friends computers is that some of them never ever 'defragment' their hard drives, nor do they empty their recycle bins and they wonder why their computers are running so slowly! If you don't already do these things yourself I cannot recommend them enough, you'll be amazed at how much quicker your machine will run. Another tip I could recommend is to have a second hard drive installed if you don't already have one and keep all of your own  private files on that. Personally I never store anything on my C:Drive other than the programs I have installed and I find it's much easier to manage that way.


Also I see that you mentioned you have Firefox on your computer but you prefer OE?! I think you may be a little confused.., OE is short for Outlook Express which is where you read your emails. If you were referring to IE (Internet Explorer) which I suspect you were, that is your web browser.


If you no longer use or need Firefox, have you considered un-installing it? There's little point in my view in having a program installed if you don't actually use it. At the end of the day it's just another program taking up valuable real estate on your hard drive.


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