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Extension Updates for Norton Toolbar on Google Chrome

Our next update to Norton Identity Safe will include important changes for Google Chrome customers. New requirements from Google make it mandatory for customers to download separate browser extensions in order to re-enable each function of the Norton Security Toolbar.   

To make sure you keep the convenience and security of Norton Identity Safe, Norton Safe Web and Norton Safe Search in your toolbar for Google Chrome, you’ll need to download the toolbar extensions from the Chrome Store.   There are three extensions in total:

1.       Norton Security Toolbar

2.       Norton Identity Safe

3.       Norton Safe Search as Default for Chrome

To add these new extensions for Chrome now, simply follow the prompts from your toolbar when you launch Chrome. You will see a popup message asking if you would like to get your Toolbar back, which will direct you to this page:

Click the "Add..." buttons to the right of the components, and you'll be all set.

If you do not see these prompts, or if you find your toolbar or features from your toolbar have been disabled, please visit: http://identitysafe.norton.com/client from your Chrome browser. 

For more information and assistance: Enable Norton Identity Safe toolbar in Google Chrome Knowledge Base