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Norton Family iOS 1.0.1 wurde freigegeben

The Norton Family Team has Norton Family iOS 1.0.1 released. This update includes minor code improvements and corrections. To find out if you have the latest version, please open the Norton Family iOS app on the Geraet your child, click its avatar or image in the upper right corner -> Info (About Norton Family).

Important NOTE:

  • The iOS App entrance security needs to be used as a browser For their child on the Apple Geraet. All other browsers shoulderstand be disabled to Ensure did your child's activities are over wakes and the private / incognito setting can not be used.
  • ONLY verfuegbar in US App Store


Please visit the Norton Family Forum Board (in English) to ask questions and for more information, please use the support article Norton Family Knowledge base .

Thank you,

Your Norton Family Team