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Need icon to know if VPN is active.

Since this Norton 360 VPN needs constant attention from end user to ensure it is enabled, why not put an icon in notifications for the VPN or simply put a Green circle around the Norton Icon when enabled, Blue when disabled, and Red if User Interaction is Required?

Not sure why we are forced to turn this on all the time, see common request and why we are all ignored, but at least an icon so we don't have to open interface or at least ability to turn on VPN when we right click the icon, in the list of tasks there.. come on, make this user friendly..

I had to disable all my protections just to post here, not happy about that and not all features present in Chrome...

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Re: Need icon to know if VPN is active.

I'm here after reading at least six other threads about the issue of Norton 360 VPN not loading automatically on Windows boot and this is the second in the product suggestion forum. 

My suggestion is to treat the above request seriously and implement a way for us to know when the VPN is not active and a method of turning it on via the desktop so we don't have to go through a three step process to do so.

The official replies have told us that this is by design and that you will need to start VPN manually each time you start your computer or when it comes out of sleep or hibernation. Perhaps Norton could be a bit more polite and interested in customer feedback and give us the reasons why this is 'by design' which might help us to understand your position. Simply stating that it is so and 'please start it manually' strikes me as being exceedingly arrogant. I also note that the threads expressing frustration over this issue date back as far as 2019 and here we are more than a year and a half later with the same problem in 2021. All of the threads I saw (and I suspect there are many more) have been closed to comment after relatively few contributions which isn't a great way of dealing with this problem or the many people disappointed with your product in this respect.

I have come to the conclusion that either changing it is complicated and would involve a lot of work, or that you just don't care. If it is the former, please do as Sobitthen has suggested above and at least give us an icon that easily shows when the VPN is active, or more importantly, when it is not. If this issue isn't addressed because it is the latter, I will be looking for a stand alone VPN (but not yours) and I will also be looking for another anti-virus program when this one expires. That will bring to an end a twenty year relationship of me paying you an annual subscription.