Anti-Scam Feature Suggestion to All Antivirus Softwares!

Just wanted to tell u to add Anti-Scam feature option to avoid scammers like these from india EVEN SMALL KIDS  from scamming and stealing sensitive from innocent computers victims that they are have virus and hacked using online fake messages police is not enough because lots of thanks if make it happen AND tell other antivirus software companies to do it! and all devices :) 

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Re: Anti-Scam Feature Suggestion to All Antivirus Softwares!

Unfortunately it is not easy to develop tools that will block this type of scam, as it is based upon abuse of legitimate software. The only thing an antivirus programme can do is to warn upon access/download of remote control utilities, but ultimately scammers are very manipulative and will make their way around. Only awareness can prevent people from falling victims.