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CYPTO ETH MINING designated PC switching

ON my new NORTON 360 Premium (10 devices) License, I first installed on my HP Omen Gaming Laptop, and saw the new feature. The CRYPTO ETH mining feature of using its NVIDIA gpu during its idle time. So I activated it before I had read all the fine print & restrictions of ONLY being able to active this new feature on ONLY one of my PC's. I Only discovered this mistake when I installed the new License on my SECOND (silver standard) HP workstation, when I discovered my mistake, in NOT realising the restrictions imposed on my 10 devices license. SO HOW DO I SWITCH in the least disruptive way from my laptop to my PC workstation ?



Re: CYPTO ETH MINING designated PC switching

You are not limited to 1 device for Norton Crypto. The ability to mine is based on your graphics card. If you have a GPU capable of mining, the option to mine will show.

What GPU is on your devices?

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