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Norton Crypto Not Worth the Electricity Cost and Computer Wear...

 I just installed Norton Crytpo and put it through the paces overnight for the past two nights.  I reviewed my energy usage and computer performance during the runs.  I found the following:

The Crypto mined during the 18 hour test was about $2.50 or about $0.13/hr

The energy used during the mining runs averaged about 0.225 kw per hour at a off-peak rate of $0.38/kwh, or $0.086/hr electricity cost for the mining...and this does not even account for billing surcharges if we were to go over baseline threshholds.

Then there is the extreme wear and tear on my graphics accelerator which was maxxing out on many mining computations.  

Its just not worth burning up my 32GB RAM Performance MSI Raider Laptop for the pittance of crypto ethereum mined over any amount of time, or time of day!, using Norton Crypto...Personally, I'm out...but not out of the Crypto game...

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Re: Norton Crypto Not Worth the Electricity Cost and Computer Wear...

Your experiences are very similar to many others here. 


Re: Norton Crypto Not Worth the Electricity Cost and Computer Wear...

You pay 0.38 kWh?  Wow, that is really high electricity cost.  Where do you live?  I want to know so I know to never move there.

But you are correct, at those rates and the low rate the Norton Crypto was paying out, it really is not worth it in the short term.  The only thing that makes it worth it, is the future potential of valuation of Ethereum if you hold on to it as an investment.  In other words, if you make $100 worth of ETH now, and hold it and EH doubles or triple in value over the next year or so, then you would have made money on mining it. 

But this is a gamble that may or may not pay off.  Consider that all that needs to happen is for the US to ban crypto for crypto to become useless overnight.  Don't think it can happen?  Well, you do not know US history and have not heard of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 where the US government banned US citizens from owning gold.  Yes!  You could not own gold.  That is not to mention when the US government ban the owning of the South African Krugerrand. The US government can and has banned the owning of different types of currency and they can do the same if they feel cryptocurrency threatens national security, which let's face it, it has the potential to. 

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