Changing cancelled Ultilities Ultimate to your Premium subscription

You might find activating your Utilities Premium subscription after downloading and installing it, in place of a cancelled sub to another version (eg Ultimate bought in error) to be a frustrating problem as the "key" which you were prompted to copy earlier may not be asked for by the upgrade wizard. Your shortcut icon may still bring up the old version, saying it has expired. If you can't see a "change key" button, click on the Help question mark at top for a chance to enter your new key and convert to your actual subscription. As usual you should restart your computer to activate the registry.



Re: Changing cancelled Ultilities Ultimate to your Premium subscription

Less than a month later -- Utilities Ultimate comes back up under the shortcut icon, with message saying it has expired. I am using Windows 10  version 21H2.  Just noticed I have message saying my computer not able to download Windows 11. Maybe that has something to do with it?  Microsoft is always mucking me around....Anyway,  tried downloading Premium again but got no opportunity to enter the change key.  Nortons support also tried uninstalling & installing/restarting  with no success.  But after they said they would escalate the matter and signed off,  I installed/restarted Premium yet again. Now found when I clicked on "About..." tab at the top it gave me the option to change the activation key (previously this tab had only included the version of Ultimate).  I had to type in the long key given on my accounts Subsciptions page (even though I had clicked "Save" the key earlier).  Then Utilities Premium appeared again.  But for how long I wonder??? (Can't remember if I restarted computer again, everything is now a blur....)

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