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Iphone VPN does not connect


I installed Norton Family on my son's Iphone 11 Pro with the latest updates and tested the instant lock feature a few times. Now the phone is locked and the VPN is not connecting so now i cannot unlock the phone.

There is a (1) Norton Family VPN, vpn.family.norton.com and (2) Norton Family VPN. (1) on his iphone you cannot at all. You cannot even force it manually. Goes back to disabled.

(2) Has a IP address is (2) you manually get to try and connect. But also fails. Needless to say the phone has no apps on it and  i cannot make sense of it. I would rather just uninstall it if this is how it is going to start. But i cant...... Please advise how we can sort this out and get it working.

1.  We have a 500Mbps fibre that is up and running.

2.  We run a Wifi 6 network.

3.  My VPN clients work on my iphone and mac as i connect to our Hosted VMWARE platform. 

4.  His phone has internet as i did not did not install safari yet so i tested that.

Any advise will help as i am stuck with a son that is not happy with me.





Re: Iphone VPN does not connect

I added data on the phone as it is a pay as you go sim card and then the VPN started working.

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