Accessing Cloud back up from another compute


I think my main desktop computer has died. all files on that computer, should be backed up to the Norton cloud though, hopefully???

So I have 3 computers  linked to my Norton license. How do I get my backed up folders to down load from  the dead computer and to one of the other computers that still work???



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Re: Accessing Cloud back up from another compute

Do you have 360 installed on the computer you want to use to download the backup? If so, just start the Restore function from the Backup pillar in 360.

In the From section, click on View All 

That will list all backup sets in your cloud storage. Choose the one from the dead computer. 

Then select the folders and files you want to restore. Then choose where to restore the files to. You can set up a temporary folder on the receiving computer and choose that as the location to restore. Then you can move them around as needed.


Re: Accessing Cloud back up from another compute

Thank you Peterweb, I have done that and it worked! Saved  me quite a bit of angst. I am not good on computer technical stuff. Thanks for the simple instructions. Cheers Geoff

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