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Automatic Renewal - One Month Early

I have been a Norton customer for many years. I like the products and the security they offer. However, I am NOT pleased with how Norton chooses to RENEW our subscriptions. WHY are active subscriptions renewed one month, sometimes two from what I've read on the threads, ahead of the ACTUAL RENEWAL DATE? YES, they send an email to their customers ahead of time stating the date of renewal, but I'm still wanting an answer as to WHY renewals are made a month BEFORE THE ACTUAL RENEWAL DATE on subscriptions??? My subscriptions were started in April of 2021. WHY are the renewal dates for my subscriptions to be automatically taken from my bank account in MARCH 2022? Why not APRIL 2022? That's the ACTUAL DATE that my subscriptions END. Explain that, please...because I CHOOSE when money is to be drawn from my bank account when I sign up for automatic renewal, NOT NORTON. 

Consider this...

What if I don't have the money for automatic renewal in MARCH 2022 and it slips in? What if drawing that amount of money out of my bank account ONE MONTH BEFORE the actual renewal date puts me in the red and mess up my account balance for other things like bills, mortgage, etc? HOW can NORTON DECIDE WHEN money is to be drawn from a bank account for renewals? I may be PREPARED for the withdrawal in APRIL (the actual date of renewal)....NOT MARCH. These are just a few of the problems customers could possibly face by opting in for automatic renewal when they sign up, but unaware that their subscriptions renew a full 30 to 45 days BEFORE their actual renewal date (even after being sent "THE EMAIL" heads up...and I think that is INVASIVE and wrong from Norton.  Because of this, I TURN OFF automatic renewal a full month before my subscriptions actually end because I can't get past Norton's invasion into my bank account as to WHEN THEY will withdraw money when I am STILL subscribed and COVERED into the next month when my subscription end. That makes no sense to me. 

One more thing customers need to know...when you TURN OFF automatic renewal, NORTON UTILITIES (the program that you can download to clean your computer) WILL NOT WORK if automatic renewal is TURNED OFF. It's like forcing its customers to keep automatic renewal ON so they can use Norton Utilities. Turn it OFF, you lose Norton Utilities until you turn it back on. That's pretty bad customer service, in my opinion.

I like Norton products, don't get me wrong. I have been a customer for many years. I am still an active customer. But, I have to go an extra (unnecessary) step to remain in control of my own money and subscriptions and I shouldn't have to do that every year towards the end of my subscriptions. So, I'm looking for an EXPLANATION as to WHY Norton chooses to renew subscriptions 30 to 45 days ahead of schedule. Help me understand that...



Re: Automatic Renewal - One Month Early

I too just found out that they will charge my credit card 35 days before the subscription should end. What else stops working? Does the Norton 360 actually work? What about the VPN? And I bet their product popups still continue to show up if you cancel the subscription.

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