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Browser Extension Reminders

For a very long time I have found the repeated reminders to add Norton extensions to Chrome and Edge very annoying.  The reminders reappear every time an update is applied and there appears to be no way to turn them off.  I have been sending feedback to Norton for years about this but the annoyance contines.

So for the benefit of Norton I would like to make sure they understand that for experienced computer users who have chosen not to use all the browser extensions offered the constant pestering to install them is annoying to the point that many have switched to another security product.  I wonder how hard it would be to add a switch to settings to allow users to turn off the pestering?

I hope others add their voice to this thread so maybe the message will finally get through to the development team.



Re: Browser Extension Reminders

There are many, many threads on this and Norton has not listened yet. It seems that the marketing department has taken over and is insisting on all the popups in a paid product. 

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