Norton Utilities Premium ‘disabled’

Windows 10 Pro Operating System, version 21H2.

I have Norton 360 Premium subscription for 10 devices which renewed last month, (May 2022), I have also benefitted from the free use of Norton Utilities Premium for the past two years, however, when this is run it now shows "Re-activate to repair". This has persisted for the past few days.

I have tried all the steps in the Error: "Re-activate to repair" when activating Norton Utilities Premium or Norton Utilities Ultimate online guide, none of which have resolved the problem. Specifically:

  1. ‘Manage My Subscriptions’ does not offer a resolution since Norton Utilities Premium does not appear in ‘History’ and therefore cannot be ‘renewed.’
  2. In Norton Utilities Premium the ‘Change Key’ function displays a PSN, i.e., a serial number and not the key number. When the correct key is input in ‘Change Key’, the resultant dialogue box displays ‘Success, Norton Utilities Premium is ready to use’, except it does not solve the problem. The "Re-activate to repair" persists. Interestingly, the Norton Utilities Premium dialogue box always displays that the service expires on the date at which it is accessed rather than an actual expiry date. I recall when first used Norton Utilities Premium about two years ago it showed an expiry date sometime in 2050!
  3. Norton Utilities Premium has been uninstalled, the computer restarted and Norton Utilities Premium downloaded and reinstalled. The problem still persists.

Question: is this an error which can be fixed, or is this Norton’s unsubtle way of getting everyone to pay extra for Norton Utilities Ultimate?

If in the case of the former, I would like to know how the error can be fixed and by whom, me, or Norton; if in the case of the latter, then I am unimpressed having just parted with £94.99 for another 12 months subscription and Norton Utilities Premium has been removed from the package. Also, if the latter does prove to be the case, I will likely be looking at other providers of anti-virus/anti-malware software in May 2023.

Regarding what to replace Norton Utilities Premium with, maybe I will have to go back to System Mechanic which I used in the past and which was broadly similar to Norton Utilities.


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Re: Norton Utilities Premium ‘disabled’

Are you using a Norton Utilities Premium, NUP, that was included as the free bonus for having Auto Renewal set up for your 360 Subscription? If so, there are changes to this free offer. Norton is no longer offering the free NUP for having auto renew set up on 360. The NUP activation will end when any of these things occur.

  • You turn off auto renewal for your 360 subscription.
  • Your current 360 subscription that originally gave the free NUP expires. Even if you kept auto renew enabled. 

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Re: Norton Utilities Premium ‘disabled’

Thanks, I have now turned off auto renewal for Norton 360 Premium, since the benefit of having Norton Utilities Premium has been removed, there is likewise no benefit in leaving auto renewal turned on.

As noted in my previous post, I paid £94.99 for another 12 months subscription using auto renew in May. I could have gone to Currys PC World and bought 12 months subscription to Norton 360 Premium for 10 devices for £24.99.

That's a £70.00 price hike! Is this how Norton treats its loyal customers? Apparently so.

You can guess what I will be doing next May...

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Re: Norton Utilities Premium ‘disabled’

You have 60 days to request a refund of your renewal. Contact Norton Support to make this request and then you can purchase your subscription from Curry's. In fact, when you contact Support and tell them why you want the refund, they may match the price and refund the difference.


Re: Norton Utilities Premium ‘disabled’

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