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Lose Wi-Fi connection when VPN is on with iPhone

When my VPN is connected on my iPhone, my Wi-Fi icon does not show and I will not get Wi-Fi unless I turn cellular data off. Even then, there are several sites that cannot access the Internet, including my Alexa app.
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Re: Lose Wi-Fi connection when VPN is on with iPhone

What iPhone and iOS version are you using?

On iOS devices, there are two features that will turn on the VPN icon in the iOS notification area. The actual VPN and the Safe Web feature in Internet Security section of the 360 app. The VPN is off by default. Have you been turning it on manually?

What you describes sounds like it might be the Safe Web feature causing your connection issues if turning off cell data restores your WIFI. Try tapping on the Internet Security section in the 360 app and turn off Safe Web and see if you still see your issues.

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