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Since IOS update, Norton 360 sucking up battery

Since IOS 16 for iPhone update last week on iPhone SE 2020, Norton 360 VPN is constantly alerting me that wifi networks are not secure and that VPN will be enabled. I want VPN to always be on, like it already was, and to stop constantly searching because it is sucking up battery life which it never did previously. How do I stop it from searching and on a related note, to stop alerting me every time I go by an xfinity wifi?



Re: Since IOS update, Norton 360 sucking up battery

Before updating my iPhone to iOS 16 I did a little more research, as my older 6s would almost always have battery issues after the initial upgrade to a major iOS update. Some sites noted that this can be related to some background maintenance for the new OS version. Because of this, I have not yet upgraded my current SE2022 yet. I'll update tonight and see if I see the same issues you are seeing with the VPN.

As far as the xfinity wifi question. Was this happening before the iOS upgrade? Check your iOS Wifi settings. Look at the Auto-Join Hotspot setting and set it to Never. See if that helps. 

I'll get back after I have had a chance to upgrade and test.

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