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No Windows 7 Support for VPN

Posted a case# that resulted in the solution being "No Windows 7 Support"!. Placed my case number and screenshots.

Worked 2 days ago fine!

Have received a few replies saying that THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!! Many Win7 users have NO problem with VPN connection.

So I will try another method.

I can find NO info on lack of Windows7 support not being acceptable. No Norton Announcement at all! Support Tech could fix despite working on my computer for about an hour and changing numerous settings in my device mgr.

Tech called her supervisor and when she described the problem, with me on phone, he hung up on me!



Re: No Windows 7 Support for VPN

Also see that the post I speak of has been "Deleted"


Re: No Windows 7 Support for VPN

Is this the way Norton works?


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