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Repeated Universal Control alert from Norton on Mac

I have been having an issue with repeated Universal Control alert, which has escalated progressively. 

I would constantly get a pop up asking to allow or block IP access (from Spotify, and a couple of other apps). I would then select to always allow for this IP (as per the only solution i found online). However, this didn't solve the issue. It would pop up over and over again asking for the same authorisation.

Initially, it would pop up every other day, then every morning and every time I restarted my computer or opened Sptify app, then several times a day more, even when Spotify was off until finally constantly popping up, I couldn't use my computer with this pop-up in the middle of the screen. I had to delete Norton altogether to stop it. 

I couldn't find anything in the Settings to address this either. 

Does anyone have a solution? Thanks



Re: Repeated Universal Control alert from Norton on Mac

Looks like you are facing the same problem that many of us have been facing for a while. I have already created two threads with issues when Application blocking is enabled and even when disabled: 



They won't even reply or acknowledge about reported issues anymore. One thing that really wonders me is when you have millions of customers, they should have at least tested the product thoroughly before rolling out a buggy version. Unfortunately they have not been doing so for ages esp for Mac users

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Re: Repeated Universal Control alert from Norton on Mac

Oh thank you for this. I’ll cancel my subscription renewal (glad I saw this in time). So frustrating isn’t it, that companies ignore feedback - literally free research and testing outcomes for them. If anyone wants to comment names of alternative providers that’d be great. And also those who are just as bad. Thank you.

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