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Norton Utilities Premium

I want my Free Norton Utilities Premium back A.S.A.P. The service was included in the package I bought and was good until 2050. Now my yearly renewal comes up and is paid then Norton takes away the program with-out any communication. This is a goods and service violation and could be a civil case against the company for false advertisement and then price gouging trying to sell another program at $40.00 a year after already taking the yearly subscription fees. I want answers or I will seek legal advice as well as cancelling my subscription that i have paid for over the years. I am waiting for your response. 2022-10-10



Re: Norton Utilities Premium

They did that to me as well after canceling auto-renewal, so I am considering dropping Norton after using it for decades.  Their marketing tactics stink.  I really do not need Norton Utilities Premium, but it in nice to have.  With the 2.6 times increase in renewal cost for 360+LifeLock I think I'll wait until a few days before my subscription runs out then install a new subscription from Amazon or other source at a lower cost. It seems to me the wrong tactic for Norton to charge long time users 2 to 3 times the rate that a new subscriber is charged.  Something not right about such distorted marketing.  Maybe Norton went "woke"? Are others thinking along the same lines?

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