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Auto VPN incorrectly designating WiFi connection

Often, I find Auto VPN to incorrectly identify a WiFi connection as 'Secured', when in fact, it is an unsecured connection.

Recommendation... provide an option that we could enable Auto VPN for any WiFi connection.



Re: Auto VPN incorrectly designating WiFi connection

What device and OS version are you using? On iOS devices, the Auto VPN detects compromised networks. For Android, the Auto VPN looks for Risky networks.  A secured network is one with a long complex wifi password. 

If you want the VPN on all the time, just go to the VPN controls and turn it on. That will stay on until you turn it off.


Re: Auto VPN incorrectly designating WiFi connection

Device: Samsung Galaxy S22

The network is unsecured; my WiFI Settings even indicate such, yet Norton VPN indicates it's secured.

An example of such a network is HEB store wifi.

I don't want the VPN on fulltime as I use Adguard most of the time. I want to use the VPN on unsecured networks.


Re: Auto VPN incorrectly designating WiFi connection

And your Android version?

So to confirm, you do not have to enter any password to use the HEB store wifi?  Have you found other public wifi connections that do not require a password that are shown as secure?

Sounds like something that would benefit from sending logs to Norton. Next time you are connecting to one of these unsecured networks, start the logging before you try to access that network. 

Open the 360 app and tap the three bars at the top left. Tap on Settings > General, and scroll down to the Logging section. Turn on Enable Debug Log. Then continue using your device until your issue happens again. In your case, go to the 360 app to see the display showing the network is secured. After the issue has happened, go back to the Debug Log settings and then tap on Send Error Report with log files. In your submission please include "forum 'your username' " in the Case ID section of the report. Also include a link to this thread. You can turn off logging when you have sent the logs.

If you do send logs, please let me know and I'll notify my contacts to look for them.

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