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high cpu usage at start up

i dont know if this is or isnt related to the last patch ( update) but thats when i started to notice this issue ( maybe coinicidence?)

computer slows does at start up ( window notification icon turns red says i need firewall/antivirus thing ) gets sluggish

looked in history ( security / history on program) see this

high disk read usage by : norton utilities advanced scanner activity

click more options shows

nuperfscan.exe ( file location)

under that at left colum ( right colum shows normal)

process id 364

memory normal

disk read activity 63mb ( for this process)

not sure what is causing this or how to fix it, all i could find in a search was to run the power eraser , all clean as a full scan

there some bug ?

some setting i need to change?

thanks for your time and help



Re: high cpu usage at start up

Hello. What OS are you running, what is it's version and build? Also please tell us the name of your Norton product and your installed version. The file nuperfscan.exe is the culprit and will start with the operating system to perform scans. I have personally ran into that issue in the past. An older thread here on the forums gives the solution I personally found for the issue.



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Re: high cpu usage at start up

hello, thank you for the reply and help

im using the 360 standard , windows 8.1 ( yes i know )

i will have a look at the link you gave to see if it helps the issue

appreciate it

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