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"Auto VPN" on Android just doesn't work

The only way I can turn on Norton 360's VPN is manually, even though "Auto VPN" is toggled on.

And then, it often tells me it can't connect to the server. 

Sometimes it tells me the wifi I'm on is secure, so it doesn't need to be on.  Well, if that's true and "Ad Tracker Blocking" (toggled on) can't be working, since it only works when the VPN is on, according to Norton 360.  So, what's the truth here?

Why does Auto VPN not work?  The only "auto" thing it appears to do is turn itself off for no reason at all.

The only way to turn on the VPN is manually.  Region selection makes no difference at all.

Is Auto VPN the garbage it appears to be?  

Norton "customer service" NEVER responds to questions.  For someone who pays over $500/year for both Norton and LifeLock Ultimate, I think a customer deserves some respect.

Why is Norton continually popping up ads to sell me stuff I'm supposed to be getting in my LifeLock subscription?

Anecdotal note:  When I explained all of this to a friend who's a top ZD Net journalist, he asked me, "WHY are you using Norton???"

I'm now wondering that myself.



Re: "Auto VPN" on Android just doesn't work

The information provided for the Auto VPN feature states " VPN will automatically turn on for risky wifi networks and turn off for secure wifi networks "  So it sounds like it is working correctly on your device. 

You mention that Norton tells you your network is secure, so auto VPN would not start the feature. Have you had instances where the network is shown as risky and the VPN did not turn on?

The Ad Tracker Blocking is a feature provided within the VPN feature. It is not a separate feature or app. And don't confuse this feature with an ad blocker app. 

Norton "customer service" NEVER responds to questions.

How are you trying to contact Norton Support? They only use chat or phone support from here   www.norton.com/contactcs  Or you could try Twitter or Facebook for support.

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