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Unable to launch Norton 360 after re-installation

I'm running my laptop on Windows 11 and lately (months actually since I first faced this issue) the Norton 360 application is not opening at all. I can see the processes running (Norton Security & Norton Security WSC Service) but the application does not open, thus rendering it useless. I contacted Technical Support, and it was fixed ... temporarily, obviously, by uninstalling it and re-installing it (this was done last month). From time to time now, it triggers an error message (another hint that the application is running) saying that the "Autofix detected an issue" and asks me to re-start the system. After doing so, Norton installer says that I have the latest update installed ... and nothing else. I cannot do anything at all with the application

I'm convinced that if I re-install it, it will work ... for a while. But this should not be the constant solution that I have to apply to have it working.



Re: Unable to launch Norton 360 after re-installation

not sure if this is same or related but a few months ago i think when i opened norton it was mainly all white ( just showed top bar)

did a reinstall seemed to correct it

reinstalls can be frustrating

had my issues there also

the rnr ( remove and reinstall tool ) the main culprit

i would think the auto fix would of listed or gave some problem it detected and if it was fixed or not, sometimes get a error message number

after my last reinstall seemed to be a install issue that the auto fix found and not had issues that i found after ( installing either the updates after or a patch who knows )

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