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Norton is a scam

I called Norton for support because I turn the vpn on and outlook will not send and receive, turn off vpn and it works, so Norton vpn is a joke, i called them and they charged me $900 to fix their product, the number I used was on their website so do not trust Norton they all scam, here is what I saw on there website but it is a lie “

Welcome to Norton

You're one of millions of customers worldwide who trust us to keep them Cyber Safe.

To access the features in your plan, sign in here.

1. Why did they ask for my password?

2. They charged my credit card $900 to fix the vpn issue which never was fixed.

3. They give lame excuse a Sr tech will get with you, that is how they get you off the phone cause there product is a scam.

4. The same goes for lifelock also, Norton became scammers, well they all live in India the scam capitol of the world so makes sense to scam everyone

5. The note above they post is a huge lie



Re: Norton is a scam

Answered your other thread here.....  https://community.norton.com/en/forums/do-not-buy-norton-when-you-call-them

It is easier to help if you keep the information in one thread.

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