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Norton uninstalled by self is it a virus/compromised

I use Nord vpn had noticed that the country on Google and YouTube had changed to different countries than what I connected to. Thought it odd so went to check Norton and to my surprise the app was completely gone. The only thing left of it was the installation files. Very odd, can Norton just disappear like this? I recently renewed subscription but this combined with the odd locations has me extremely worried. Malwarebytes and reinstalled Norton scanned several times still nothing appeared. I looked at the established connections and foreign IPs but all turned out legit Microsoft/Google etc I reset the laptop to clean disk and reinstalled windows from the cloud. Does this seem like a virus or compromised machine? Thank you for your help, as I'm quite anxious!



Re: Norton uninstalled by self is it a virus/compromised

give my 2 cents here not sure if this will help or provide a solution

you mentioned nord vpn , that could be conflicting with norton

generaly not a good thing to use 2 antivirus programs for example as they will conflict

nortons vpn should provide the service you need

as for reinstall and and that i have had issues doing a reinstall not long ago the rnr tool has its flaws

best action i found was to rnr and use the latest downloader from site ( log in to your account) and let it run, after getting all the updates/patches etc... run the auto fix ( in classic mode top right help than on left get support ) it tends to find a installation issue ( and restart )

generally speaking a reinstall ( or refresh almost the same) is a last resort if you are having alot of errors or malfuntions on windows itself ( if that made sense) , so if malwarebytes and norton both showed clean than it wasnt needed

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