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Unable to delete "trash" files

In my [SSD drive] C:\ProgramData\Norton appears a 1.8G file/folder: 
I have tried many methods to take ownership, delete, etc. with our success.
If no other solution, I am ready to delete EVERYTHING Norton and try a different security software.
My SSD/C: drive has limited space, and I install everything other than windows in my D: drive.
How can I remove files like this and keep them OFF my SSD/C: drive?
Thanks for any help.



Re: Unable to delete "trash" files

Have you checked what files are within that folder. The reason you cannot delete them is that the Norton Product Tamper Protection feature is protecting Norton's files and folders. 

If you are sure they can be deleted, you need to open the 360 Classic interface by right clicking on the Norton icon in the system tray and click on Open Norton 360. Then open Settings > Administrative Settings and scroll down to Norton Product Tamper Protection and turn it off. You will then be able to delete things. Be sure you turn the setting back on after you do your maintenance.

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