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How to turn on VPN on android

Hi All,

I am trying to turn on VPN on my phone. But I can't. My wifi is secure, but i have to change my region so i can listen to a radio in an other country.

I cannot swipe to turn on VPN. I just see my WIFI is secure.

Is there a solution to do this?

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Re: How to turn on VPN on android

What device and Android version are you using?

To start the VPN tap on the Privacy section from the main 360 screen.Then tap on VPN and then tap on 'ON' to start the feature. As you found, swiping does nothing. 


Re: How to turn on VPN on android

Device is one Plus nord, android 11.

Tapping on 'ON' doesn't work.


Re: How to turn on VPN on android

Are you using the standalone Norton Secure VPN app or the included VPN feature in the Norton 360 app?

If you have both installed, you should uninstall the standalone and just use the 360 app.

Are you seeing this on your home network or when outside the home? 

Try changing the Auto VPN setting to see if that changes anything.

If all this does not help, try uninstalling the app, restart the computer and then install the app again from the Google Play Store app. Sign into your Norton Account again to activate the app and test.


Re: How to turn on VPN on android

I am using just the 360 app on my phone. Ik have the same problem everywhere.
Tomorrrow i will unnstall the app, restart my phone and install the app again.

Hope this will be the solution.

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