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Stop Data Breach Notifications Pop-ups

 Periodically I receive these "Data Breach Notifications" from Norton 360.  While I understand the service Norton provides with our subscriptions to protect their clients, I do not appreciate their advertising popping up on my desktop.

 I have configured all of the I can find to turn off notifications, but have found no way to turn off these advertising  popups.

 Norton - please provide us the ability to disable these ads.



Re: Stop Data Breach Notifications Pop-ups

theres been several mentions of this issue on here in past, and they also seem to send a email also about the breach

while it is important to get notice if it is something that concerns you in someway ( place you have business etc..)

it is annoying to get these screen filling ( 1/3rd on side tall) notices


Re: Stop Data Breach Notifications Pop-ups

Received another disruptive "Data Breach Notification" popup from Norton 360.

Norton - Please - provide a method to disable these.

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