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Child uses "I need more time" to bypass all time restrictions

From a previous persons post

"When my childs device reaches its time limit he can simply select the "I need more time function".

No request gets sent to the parents app,  the app she is trying to access simply opens, even if it is on the blocked list. Is there a way to disable the I need more time function."

I have the same issue, except a notification is sent to the website, but that is not the issue. The issue is my son can just keep clicking on "i need more time" indefinitely and use his computer as long as he wants after he uses the time, irregardless of daily time total limits or specific time limit cutoff.

What is the point of this software if it doens't work? Can i disable the "i need more time" feature since it is easily abusable?



Re: Child uses "I need more time" to bypass all time restrictions

Hi Littleredblurr,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family Forum.

When the time allowance is over, the child will be able to login thrice with one minute countdown to save any unsaved work. After three times the system gets into a locked state with a fake desktop which can be unlocked with a PIN known only to the parent. Please ensure that the PIN is changed once shared with the child. Even if the fake desktop is cancelled and any login attempts made, the system will get locked within few seconds.

Upon analyzing the backend data, we could see that three windows devices are associated to three different child profiles. Out of which one device seems to be inactive and two devices seems to be active.

We could see that the Norton Family is working as expected on the two active devices.

If you find that the child is accessing the Norton Family during blocked hours, could you please check if the Norton Family tray icon is running properly at that time?

Kindly check and let us know your observations.

Norton Family team.

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