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Delete Scans on Windows 10 Norton 360 Deluxe

I just got off the phone with a Norton Agent & once again he couldn't answer what should have been an easy question for him!

I'd like to know how to Delete a Full Scan (A Full Scan that was set up to run 3 times a week automatically) so I could set up a new "Custom Full Scan" for my Windows 10 just out of the box computer. It looks like it should be very simple because on the "Scans" Skins it lists all the Scans as one line & to the right side of the scan listed is an Edit Pencil Icon & a Delete Barrel Icon, only as the Edit works great I found out, the Delete doesn't work at all! That's the reason I called Norton, and held for a while for the human agent to sound dumber than the virtual Robot Agent by saying: You don't need to delete it now you just restarted the computer. (which is the first thing he asked me to do) which accomplished nothing on its own! I told him you're not even here I am, & I was when I set up the Full Scan when I barely knew what I was doing on a Norton system I think I may have set it up a little wrong! If anybody knows how to Delete a Full Scan I'd appreciate that! God Bless You & Yours Everybody.


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Re: Delete Scans on Windows 10 Norton 360 Deluxe

Delete trash can is only available for user created Custom Scan item/s.
see Scans question mark help documentation. 



Re: Delete Scans on Windows 10 Norton 360 Deluxe

Dear bjm_  I believe, I understand what you mean by not being able to delete a Default Full Scan (Probably because Norton put 1 standard Smart, Full & whatever else Scan for us in that box so they figured in case you get someone like me with a temporary illness that robs me of my memory by not letting the toxins filter out of my blood, therefore, congregating inside the brain until they build up & short circuit my memory, they don't want a dumb you know what like me deleting all hope away. However, the Scans I speak of are the first page of scans which I did delete one of but I created a New Custom Full Scan the other day which is on the bottom of 1st & only the Scans Page named whatever I named it probably Scan 2 & the date on it. However, the first Full Scan may have started out as a Default Scan about two years & two subscriptions & two Laptops later I even changed the top Full Scan which may have started out the Default Full Scan again so many things later & a changed name Downloaded to a different PC, you think that's why I couldn't Delete the top oldest Full Scan?



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