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Subscription questions for NS & NSBU

I want to clarify a few things. Firstly, I recommend that you review our announcement on NS and NSBU for information about subscription. A few key points I'd like to call out:

- Your NIS/N360/NAV activations keys are not able to be used in your Norton Security or Norton Security with Backup products
- We encourage customers to continue using their NIS/NAV/N360 products until the end of their subscriptions (and disable AutoRenewal), at which time they can purchase a license and subscription to Norton Security or Norton Security with Backup
- For those who wish to get NS and NSBU now, and are concerned about losing subscription time for your existing NIS/N360/NAV products, we recommend that you contact our Customer Support team via Chat to find the best option available

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation