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Norton Firewall auto unlock everytime.


This morinir i was trying to fix mi issue with Norton Firewall and i found this other problem. Norton Firewall auto unlocks everytime. I can not get Norton Firewall locked. Norton AntiVirus and Norton Confidential works great, if i lock one of them, they keep locked, but no Norton Firewall.

If i lock Norton Firewall and close the app, when i open it again it is unlocked. And if i locked it and go to any other tab it auto unlocks too.

I will appreciate it a lot any help taht yopu could give me, thanks,

Marcelo :) 



Re: Norton Firewall auto unlock everytime.

Hi Marcelo,

This is actually as-designed. It's a little confusing, but any Admin user will have the application automatically unlock.

We don't like how it behaves differently than NAV and NCO - we'll look into making this more unified in the future.



Nick UchidaManager, SQA EngineeringMacintosh Products

Re: Norton Firewall auto unlock everytime.

Here is a Knowledge Base article which explains the behaviour of the locking function of Norton Firewall in detail:

Norton Firewall in Norton Internet Security 4.0 for Mac unlocks automatically after you lock it



Re: Norton Firewall auto unlock everytime.

I decided not to re-install Norton Firewall. Norton Firewall manual does not provide specific information as to tweaking the Connection/Zones/etc. firewall preferences nor specific firewall information concerning them. It is a bit frustration and time consuming to keep guessing what to do with those poping Norton Firewall windows.

Please use an easier font in the Word verification to make it less frustrating to type over and over.

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