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Thanks to Norton again !!

One more incident and norton helped me !!..my frnd got infected with W32.Sality.AE virus and none of the security suite or antivirus was able to install completely and remove the threat completely..The system was irresponsive and was not able to start in safe mode either..and was running tooooooo slow..Yesterday I went to my frnd's home and he told me what happened to his computer, after all that i decided to install Norton trial..and downloaded Norton Internet Security 2009 trial version and it got installed easily where McAfee,Kaspersky,Avast,AVG failed to install..After that the moment i installed Norton it started catching virus like mosquito from house..and after that i took the decsion and did full scan with all options set to high and aggressive and removing all exclusions..and after few minutes me and my frnd saw that the whole PC was infected with this particular virus, well this is a bad nasty virus..as u can imagine as it does not allow to install any antivirus..so Norton caught all virus and specially from System Volume Information hidden folder..there were numerous files in that folder weighing 200 MB..Wow !!Norton did a great job.my frnd was using avast and it was not able to remove the threat and after that failed to work and either not install again..Even after after installing fresh windows two times. But Norton did it !!..Thanxx to norton..My frnd got glad as i had saved his penny from this crap infection. I said do not thnxx me thnxx to Norton, he said yeaah!! i will definitely buy a copy of Norton later for sure..

Thnxx Norton Again!! You Proved To Be Best Out Of Others!!

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Re: Thanks to Norton again !!

Good to know that Norton was able to help you.  But there are not a single piece of Anti Virus program that is full-proof. 

Kaspersky, NOD and Norton, all has strengths and weaknesses.  Good or Bad, it really depends on the users.....

That is why I have Malwarebytes, Threatfire and NIS.

Kudos to you.


Re: Thanks to Norton again !!


What version of threatfire do you use?


Re: Thanks to Norton again !!

Thanks for the feedback.

Re: Thanks to Norton again !!

threatfire caused my vista to crash once so i don't use it, norton and malwarebytes r enough on vista.

So, keep an on demand scanner too with u for bettr security :) 

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