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Hi all

I keep getting this email and location -

**** has attempted to visit the following Website(s) that belong to the block Website categories:

Is my child trying to or has been getting around Norton using a website proxy ? Or something else I should be concerned about ?




Re: hola

Hi johnnyred,

If you have the option "Block the site" selected at House Rules -> Web online, the website will be blocked.

When you see the message, a couple of scenarios could trigger the message.

1. The child types the URL or click a link to the URL trying to visit the website, 


2. The URL is embedded in a website that the child has visited.

As I mentioned earlier, if  you have the option "Block the site" selected, the website will be blocked.



Thanks Katie

Re: hola

Hola connects you to a virtual private network (VPN) full of thousands of computers across the globe that connect to help get around geoblocks. It sends your request to computers with Hola installed in a different country, then they get the information for you and send it back to your computer. For example this can be used to watch Netflix with the service they provide for Mexico (they tend to have newer shows) while you are in the US. This means that people from other countries can request websites through your computer and use your bandwidth. So when Norton is blocking a category of website, it doesn't necessarily mean that your child tried to access it, it could mean that possibly someone from another country used your computer to access a website.

While Hola is useful, it's also very risky and dangerous. It leaves you vulnerable to viruses and could cause legal complications if someone tries to look up illegal content using your computer as a proxy. I would definitely be concerned about Hola and if you do decide to use it, disable or delete it whenever you're not using it.

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