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How do you release a toolbar thats not compatible with Chrome

My Norton Toolbar that I was made to install to access my own Identity Suite is a piece of crap.  Besides the fact that its ludicrous that I'm forced to download a toolbar to access my own personal data is absurd.  I don't want your toolbar.  Honestly it's annoying and gets in my way and if that wasn't enough, now its crashing chrome and Microsoft word every time I reinstall it and log into my identity suite.  Unfortunately your new and improved version of security no longer allows me to log into my own Identity Suite and vault; that contains all my highly sensitive personal information that I don't have written anywhere else and don't have memorized . Every time I install your worthless toolbar my Identity suite and vault work for no more than two days before it crashes, kicks me off and out of my security vault. Then it crashes, my chrome stops working along with Microsoft word and the whole Norton Security site.  I have no idea why Microsoft Word is now affected by it but it is.  The program closes as soon as page pops up and opens all the way.  I can't access any part of the Norton Security Suite, not just the identity section.  It won't even open. The Norton Community website that you're trying to pass off as customer service is just a website of your displeased customers bitching about your less than par service.  No where on that website is there a link to contact customer service. Calling it a "community" is an advertising trick to make make customers feel like you care.  There are forums with posts of problems but no solutions to any of the problems.  I searched for 30 minutes on that website trying to find some form of help for my problem and was only successful at reading about other peoples problems.  I don't care about their problems.  I care about my problem and how its going to be fixed.  Tonight the crash record was 1 hour and 30 minutes before I was denied access to my personal information by Norton's Security. I am tired and extremely angry that I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling your toolbar just to access my information.  I don't have login names and passwords for important accounts that I need to access because your Security program isn't compatible with the second largest web browser in the world. I'm not going to stop using chrome because your program is seriously flawed. Your security company has literally stolen my personal information and I want it back.  I want to be able to access all of my information,  all of the time, because that is the service your company is supposed to provide. Fix your toolbar, fix your program, fix my identity suite and allow me access to my information.  This is the worst customer service in the world. I need a better solution to this problem other than uninstalling and reinstalling the toolbar or you need to allow me to access my Norton security  suite so I can delete all of my information and remove this program from my computer. I don't even wan't to use my laptop anymore because its pretty much worthless and creates stress that I don't need.  Now I'm using my cell phone to get on the internet and your company needs to start paying for part of my cell phone bill because I'm using too much data.  Fix the problem  between your program and Chrome or email me everything that's saved in my vault so I can actually be productive.  I apologize to the other unhappy Norton customers who might have read this "thread" (rant) thinking it might help solve your problem.  Just me plain old bitching. Lindsey



Re: How do you release a toolbar thats not compatible with Chrome

Hello Linsay

If you want to contact Customer Support, here is the website.


Please be aware not all locations have 24/7 service.


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