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Norton blocking Filezilla on Mac

History:  I was successfully using FileZilla for file transfers to my server hosting company.  I installed Norton at some later date.  I upgraded to a newer version of Filezilla and now I can't upload.

Under connection blocking on Norton Security I have allowed incoming and outgoing connections for FileZilla.  Are there other settings I should examine as well?

Filezilla has a "Network configuration wizard."  After running this wizard, I get the following message:

"... This means some router and/or firewall is still interfering with FileZilla."

I am using Norton Security v6.4 build 36.

Any ideas?



Re: Norton blocking Filezilla on Mac

Hello Bison,

Any connections blocked by Norton will be logged in the Security History available in Activity pane of Norton Security application.  Do you see any incidents/records logged for Applications/Connections blocked while trying to use FileZilla?  Please wait for couple of minutes and then launch Norton Security application to check the logs.

Alternatively, you can also turn off the Connection Blocking and Application Blocking in Firewall section to check if Norton is blocking the requests.

Haridharan Nattamai Gangadharan Sr. Software Engineer Endpoint Protection for Mac Symantec

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