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Spam Junk mail

Hi, hopefully someone can help and advice. I have Norton Security loaded on my PC but I'm getting a big increase in Spam or Junk Mail in my E-Mail In-box. I'm using Microsoft outlook 2013 and the e-mails approx. 10 per day have generally only one letter in the Subject Box, ie "K" or "H", and the sender mayhave a single letter or for eg "A" as the sender. Originally my Outlook Junk filter was set at " no filtering" but now I have set to high and the spam is still getting through .  I have being using Norton for at least 10 years and have never seen any spam in the Norton anti-spam folder. Surely Norton should be identifying some mail as Spam and directing to this folder. I have went in to settings, anti-spam folder,  clicked on client interrogation and switched off Outlook, applied, rebooted and followed same process again this time switching on the outlook filter again. This has made no difference, still getting spam mail. I would appreciate if any one can offer any further help.

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