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Terrible first days of use !

Ok, I try Norton Family with great expectation for a Norton product.

And after only 12 hours of used I'm really disappointed, for many reason.

1- It seem in first time my kids has able to continue to use pc event if 2hours limit is bust (and I got ~10 log message for alert me limit is reached, but lock screen seem not block my kid. (I didn't see I not at home)

2- Pin code is a good idea , but it's really bugged, at 16:55 I set to 17:30, after 10mins lock screen appear, I set again to 17:30, 5 mins after screen pop again, I set to 17:45, lock screen pop again ~5 mins after ... my kids finally give up ! this feature suck. 

3- I can't set half (:30 or :15 Min) to time allowed. Like set 2Hours 45minutes

So ... I didn't have 30 days to get a good idea of this product ... it's really sad because your support respond really quickly and your site is really clean and intuitive ... (but need more usage feedback)

Eric how continue to use my current family soft control.



Re: Terrible first days of use !

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the feedback.  All these three features work well in the Norton Family program.  let me explain them a little, then maybe you can check these features later in details.

1. The program does block the child account when the time is up.  When the time is up or during a curfew period, the child is not forced out right away and they are given a few extra minutes to finish up what they were doing, such as homework.  A child has three chances to log back to the computer during restricted time periods up to about 2 minutes each time.  It's about extra 6 minutes. after these three times, they will be blocked.

The reason you are getting alerts for time limits is the child probably tries to login after the time limits are reached.  Whenever he/she tries, the program locks him/her out and send the alert to the parent.

2. From what you described above, it sounds like you are talking about Extend Time screen, not PIN feature. Once the PIN is entered we will allow the child to use the device for rest of the day. For extending time, the child will be blocked according to the time limits.

To learn Device Instant Unlock, please check out the steps below.

The feature lets your child unlock their device in case of emergencies, even if their time limit has reached.

     a. Sign in to Norton Family.

     b. Select a child and then click the HOUSE RULES tab.

     c. Under Time Supervision, click House Rules Settings.

     d. Under Device Instant Unlock, enter a 4-digit PIN to unlock the device.

     e. Communicate this PIN to our child so that they can use it in case of emergencies.

     f. Change this PIN after its use so that the child cannot unlock the device with the same PIN next time.

3. For allowed time in half hour (:30 or :15 Min) 

     a. Select a child and then click the HOUSE RULES tab.

     b. To start or stop TIME SUPERVISION, move the On/Off switch to Off or On

     c. To update Time Supervision house rule, click House Rules Settings, choose a device, and then do the following:

    If your child uses more than one device of the same type, these devices will be grouped if you have enabled Apply these rules to         all option. To set specific house rules for each device, you must ungroup these devices by unchecking Apply these rules to all.     

  • Under Supervision Level, choose the action if your child exceeds the time limit that you set for this device.

  • Under Allowed and blocked hours, click on a day and do the following:

    • Select the total hours per day the child can use the device. The default allowed hours for your child are 2 hours for weekdays and 5 hours for weekends.

    • Click and drag around the grid to specify the hours that you want to block the child from using the device. To display time in half hour increments, check Display half-hour increments. The light gray blocks represent the timings that are allowed, and the blue blocks represent the timings that are blocked.

    • Repeat the above steps to configure time limits for other days.

    • To apply this house rule to other devices of the same type that your child uses, check the Apply these rules to all... option.

Also, you can extend allowed time in the increment of 15 mins for a PC.

If you have any questions, please let us know.



Thanks Katie

Re: Terrible first days of use !


My Qustodio is to expired really soon and I give a second try to Norton in next days.

I re-read your last post and "Select the total hours per day the child can use the device. The default allowed hours for your child are 2 hours for weekdays and 5 hours for weekends." mean I can't give 1Hour 30min total hours per day, ?


Re: Terrible first days of use !

Hi EricJulien,

The time restrictions are allowed to be set at 0, one hour, two hours... The feature that allows parents to set increments of daily time limits by less than an hour is on the product enhancement list for future development.

The program currently provides the ability to allow parents to extend time allowed by 15-minute increment.  You can reach the function by clicking on the Norton Safety Minder icon in the system tray and selecting Extend Time.  I know this is not what you ask for, but as a workaround for now you can use this feature to lock out of the PC after 30 or 90 minutes (some extra work for you though)



Thanks Katie

Re: Terrible first days of use !

Ummm ok, where I could find your roadmap?  It's a showstopper for me and I I renew with Qustodio for a new year I guess. I had great expectation from Norton. So maybe next year !


Re: Terrible first days of use !

Hi Eric,

Norton Family provides many wonderful parental control features.  I hope you to give a try. 

You can try the Norton Family premier version for 30 days free.  For details, please check out the link below:




Thanks Katie

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