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"Smart" Firewall

Well, i recently wiped my laptop, and tried playing a game that i was able to play before i wiped my computer "CS:GO". But when i try to connect to a server i get disconnected with a message saying that my computer is blocking VAC.. Which doesn't let me connect to a VAC secured server. Ive been reading around and people with the similar issue are saying something about 'hl2.exe'. I need a answer that can tell me what to do to fix this.. Thank you for your help.



Re: "Smart" Firewall

Hi, Dean. If you're using Steam or other similar, you might want to check this link out.  http://www.file.net/process/hl2.exe.html

It seems that file is not necessary, so you can delete it. Also check this link,


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Re: "Smart" Firewall

Hi DeanRoorda,

I just found the official support page re your trouble here: Disconnected by VAC: You cannot play on secure servers

What typically causes this error?

There are a number of common software conflicts that can cause this error. If you are running any of the following software, please disable it while playing CS:GO:

  • CCleaner (Check out yr "Show hidden icons", then quit CCleaner)
  • Cheat Engine
  • IObit Start Menu 8 (Uninstall it if you do not use it.)
  • Process Hacker
  • DLL Injectors
  • Powershell (Disable it? Here's the tutorial.)
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Re: "Smart" Firewall

Hello DeanRoorda

Have  you put the game exe files into Quiet Mode in the Administrative Settings. That will prevent Norton from interrupting your games. You can temporarily disable Download Intelligence which will allow you to download VAC,  You can then enter that file into Do Not Scan. In fact you can put the whole folder into the Do Not Scan section. That is if you are sure your game is completely safe.


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