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Fire Fox FYI - beware of Firefox security fix message

Hi folks,

I decided the other day to give Fire Fox Browser another try after reading what a resource hog Chrome can be especially on my phone.

After loading FF on my Laptop PC and starting the browser I received a full screen message stating "urgent Firefox security update. This immediately aroused my suspicions so I exited out of the screen which is apparently just what the intruder message expected me to do. A quick download started which I could not stop, so I immediately powered down.  Too late.  I was now infected with this Kotver!gm Trojan.  Yikes.  I tried everything to get rid of it including Power Easer but without success.  I looked it up on the Norton website an found that it was a known problem but the corrective action was to do what I had done already or restore my operating system.  Needless to say a restore was way low on my wish list. 

Well I'm back on today and it appears to be solved, at least I hope so.  I had to do a couple of scans and restarts as instructed by Norton, but it appears Norton cleaned things up  for me. So far, so good.


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Re: Fire Fox FYI - beware of Firefox security fix message

Firefox will always update from within the browser and not from a random web page. If you ever unsure of whether you are using the most recent version, this page will walk you through how to check.
Users can help, by using Help > Report deceptive site when you come across one like that. If you do that while that page is still open, that URL will be automatically captured and will appear in this page https://www.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/ Google and Mozilla worked together about 9 years ago to set up the SafeBrowsing feature that both browsers use, along with a few other browser 'brands'.


Nothing new for these sites to be created within a day of it getting reported here. They are disposable as nobody reports the site after a day period.  You can see the growing list of these disposable sites at https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/forums/contributors/712056  Many of these sites have been used to serve fake updates to Google Chrome users on Windows also.


By using some sort of script or adblocker you probably reduce the chance of seeing these fake update requests.




Re: Fire Fox FYI - beware of Firefox security fix message

If this pop up happens to you and I don't know if this will work, but rather than exiting via the red X, try going to Task Manager and ending the Firefox process there ?

Windows 10 Home X 64
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Re: Fire Fox FYI - beware of Firefox security fix message

@ohioeightytwo, Please also try Trojan.Kotver fix tool to remove Trojan.Kotver from your computer.

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

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