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Search term "sonar"

1) Security History Sonar, click mouse hover 'hand' opens History > Sonar Activity.
2) Show SONAR Block Notifications, click mouse hover 'hand' closes Search dialog.
3) SONAR Protection, click mouse hover 'hand' opens duration dialog.

Note: 1), 2), and 3) 'hand' look the same.  Why does 2) click 'hand' close Search dialog.



Re: Search term "sonar"

Thanks for the feedback, @bjm_.

We'll look into this issue.

Mohanakrishnan G | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

Re: Search term "sonar"

Step 1) click Show SONAR Block Notifications On switch changes setting to Log OnlyStep 2) I still have to open Settings > Antivirus to confirm affect of Step 1).
Step 3) I still have to open Settings > Antivirus to change Log Only back to Show All.Note: explanatory text does not advise regarding Step 2) and Step 3).

Search as a tool, remains as a head scratch.  Just me.  Just saying. 

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