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Norton Beta Program

Welcome to the Norton Beta Testing Program! We're excited that you are interested in beta testing Norton software.

Our Norton developers work hard to create new and innovative products, but we can't recreate every real-world scenario for testing. That's why we need your help! If you're interested in testing Norton products before they are released publicly, we would love to have you on our Beta Testing team.

A few notes on beta testing:

  • You will encounter issues while Beta testing software. As much as we would like our products to be PERFECT, when beta testing software, you will find defects. There will be problems, things won't work right, or things will look/feel wrong. That's ok, that's the stuff we want to know about. We will provide a way for you to report these defects, letting us know all the problems.
  • We will provide a list of Known Issues before each new release of a product. Most of the time, we will give you a product to test that we KNOW has problems. We will communicate that list to you, so you don't have to report these things. It will save you time in reporting it, and us time in reading those reports.
  • Backup your system before testing. Since Norton products tie into your system on a deep level, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you create a backup of your system before you begin testing. While we try to avoid releasing beta software that will cause major data loss issues, sometimes those issues are discovered by beta testers. If data loss occurs during your testing, it's helpful if you have a backup of your system available, so nothing of value is lost forever.

Click through the process below to complete your registration in our Beta Testing Program.

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