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Really disappointed with Symantec in the way this product release is being presented.  I have consistently used Norton products since the 1980s, usually with great satisfaction.  I responded to a Norton Security popup offering a pre-order on Norton Core for $179.99, and have tried many times to execute the order in the past 7-10 days using various payment methods; the order always fails, accompanied by an incredibly uninformative message.  Finally called customer support and was told that the offer, which was available to U. S. customers only, was in fact not available to customers in Alaska and Hawaii (which is not stated anywhere in the offer).  According to the customer service rep, Symantec seems not yet to have figured out how to ship products to anywhere outside the lower 48.  The rep said that I could not drop-ship it to a mainland address, because "the system knows where I am".  This situation is truly absurd in so many ways, and reflects very poorly on the knowledge and decision-making capabilities of Symantec.  Come on, Guys.