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Manage blocked sites should have allow or block options

I just installed core and it has blocked pubdhub.  I went to Manage blocked sites and nothing is there to manage.  It has blocked this app on all my devices and I want it to be UNBLOCKED.  I thought I was supposed to get a message to let me decide if I want to allow it or block it.  This did not happen.  I don't know if there is a problem with my app or what but I want it fixed or this thing is going back in its box and I will find something that is not a hassle.


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Re: Manage blocked sites should have allow or block options

Hi Gloria, 

Is it blocking the website or the streaming channel?   Are all of your other Roku channels functioning properly? 

If it's the website, what message do you receive when the website is blocked? 

In the app click on the bell in the upper right corner, then go to Notifications, and there is no Alert telling you the site is being blocked and asking, "Do you want to allow this site on this device?" 

When was the last notification you received? 

Have you created any user accounts?  If you go under People > their name > Allowed / Blocked Websites > Allowed Websites > Add  ..  Are you able to add it and see if it works?  

If it's the streaming channel - Here's something to try: Go to Settings > Network > UPnP > Enable UPnP.  My Roku doesn't need it, but maybe yours does? 

Is your Roku connection to the device wired or wirelessly?

Give these ideas a try and let us know your results.   And I always think a restart (of your phone and your Core) is a good thing to try as well.   



Re: Manage blocked sites should have allow or block options


See Dave's post above.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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