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How do I stop autofill on some sites

I have several sites that once I log in, I don't want it to continue to autofill my username, etc on other pages in the site. How do I get it to stop doing that? It seems like it should be something simple but I cannot figure out what it is. 

Thanks in advance. 



Re: How do I stop autofill on some sites

Hi tchap,

What operating system, default browser, and Norton Product are you using?

The setting you would use to stop autofill on a single site are not available on some browsers.


Re: How do I stop autofill on some sites

Hi yank,

I am using Windows 10. Depending on which work program I am in, I use Chrome and Internet Explorer. My Norton is Norton Security with the Identity Safe. After the Identity Safe logs me in to use the program with my user ID and password, it will auto-populate other places in the program, where I may be opening to search for something. It is sometimes as easy as just clicking to erase it but sometimes it has auto-populated someone else's entry and changed it. Big pain with those. 



Re: How do I stop autofill on some sites

Hi Terri,

In both IE and Chrome, after you open your vault, select the Vault is Open button on the Norton Toolbar and then select Open Identity Safe.  On the Logins screen, let click on the entry you desire to stop auto filling. When the log-in appears, select Edit and then uncheck Auto-Fill and Save the log-in.

This is for the initial log-in to the site - are you saying once logged into the site, it tries to populate other items within the site? 

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