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yoursites 123

Hi everyone,

For over many years, I have been bothered by the malware "yoursites123" frequently appearing in a tablad when using google chrome.

I have bought Norton protection in order to get protection from this malware (see picture in attachment) but apparently Norton does not

filter this at all - yoursites123 has just appeared in a new tab now. I do not know why it keeps appearing at moments (I have not done

anything in particular), but when it does, it is very difficult to remove.

Any suggestions getting rid of this malware using Norton protection or another tool?

Many thanks in advance,




Re: yoursites 123

This sounds more like a malicious ad popping up in your browser. As there is nothing on your device, there is nothing for Norton to find. It is a browser redirect, that in itself is not necessarily dangerous. 

You can try downloading the free version of MalwareBytes and running a scan with that. MBAM is more aggressive about Possibly Unwanted Apps, PUAs, than Norton. 

You can also install an ad blocker in your browser that should block ads that might behave like this.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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